Always take the 

sea-nic route.

Travel Puns

Travel meets wit.

Travel Puns is a feature Instagram profile aiming to bring people together from all over the world with a shared love for travel.  This account was first born as a creative outlet for Tyler, the founder, and his love for travel and photography.  The account grew, and his humor complimented his content effortlessly, catching the eye of thousands of daydreamers and go-getters on the app.  Today, full-time photographers and travelers tag Travel Puns in their photos to be featured on this adventurous page. 

I've designed Travel Puns' brand identity as a pure reflection of Tyler, his personality, and his home in California — carefree and energetic. 

An active logo type and logo mark, vibrant colors, and alluring overall presence, Travel Puns' brand focussed on the connectedness of travelers worldwide with a lust for life.

Brand Elements Created:

Logo Design

Identity Design



Whole Foods 2.0


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