Quinn Lucero is an up-and-coming author and poet based in Brooklyn, New York.  His career started to gain momentum after his riveting poetic piece "Svelte" was published in late November of 2018. 


Being a millennial himself, Quinn's main goal in the coming years is to connect with his audience in a more personal, relatable way through a strong social media presence, along with a more captivating tangible brand experience.  Quinn understands the value of design, which gives his personality a breathable space to evolve into a consistent and cohesive brand identity. 


• Connectivity

• Foundation

• Break the industry mold


Refined and elegant are Quinn's top brand attributes.  They not only reflect his unique style of writing,  but they help his brand identity exude opulence as well as mystery. 

Together, Quinn and I laid the foundation for his brand by embracing these key attributes and aligning them with his original writing pieces.  I've curated his brand identity to be just as encapsulating as his writing, ensuring that each experience, tangible or not, is fluid by anyone interacting.  Quinn has an alluring personality, so I harnessed his charisma in every step of building his new brand experience.


• Logo Design

• Identity Design

• Collateral Design

Quinn receives a lot of fan mail through the course of one year. What makes Quinn so different is his responsiveness to his fans and audience.  By adding more of a personal touch to his hand-written letters, Quinn's brand experience automatically exceeds expectations.


Monday - Friday  •  1pm - 6pm MDT





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