E.M. Prints

reimagining exploration,

redefining adventure.

E.M. Prints wants to change the way people think about home decor. Not only do they aim to create refined, affordable art that keeps people daydreaming, they sound a call to action: go explore!  The company was founded by a young couple that traveled/lived out of their car for months on end, exploring the wilderness of the United States. E.M. Prints' vision for their company is to reimagine exploration and redefine adventure through their innovative printed products.

Sleek, mysterious, and bold, my task was to refresh their brand identity to reflect E.M. Prints' connection to both outdoorsmen and artists alike. Guided design elements on their products invite people to not just view these unique scenes, but to go experience them. The brand itself gathers a special community - one that isn't afraid to seek the unknown and choose the path less taken.

Brand Elements Created:

Logo Design

Identity Design

Collateral Design


Monday - Friday  •  1pm - 6pm MDT





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